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NLGA logo

If you are a member of the NLGA, Northwest Ladies Golf Association, please take a look at my catalog and promote your organization. You can pick out any apparel or accessory items, and I would be happy to embroider your logo on them. Please keep in mind that appropriate golf attire for women includes slacks, skorts, or shorts (no shorter than mid-thigh). Shirts should have sleeves or a collar.

There are many options to choose from for embroidery placement. If you want the logo placed somewhere other than the left chest area, please specify that location in your order. The charge for the logo embroidery is an additional $6.00. The words "Northwest Ladies Golf Association" can be embroidered on the sleeve for another $5.00. Most hats and visors can have the NLGA logo on them as well. Be sure to specify logo placement for other items such as tote bags, golf towels, socks, etc..

Your outfit can be just as you want it - personalized and unique.

Please specify on your order if you want it shipped to you for an additional charge, or if you prefer to pick it up from me when it is ready.

Remember that I have no minimum orders. So take a look and give me a shout!